Foster College of Business

At the Foster College of Business, you will learn how to create ideas that advance business, engage in real-world experiences, develop as a leader who enriches the world, and serve as a valued partner for business and society. Ranked as one of the world's best, the Foster College serves around 750 undergraduate business students through 15 programs of study and 11 minors. Another 70 graduate students attend accelerated, part-time, or full-time programs within our advanced degree options.

With all programs accredited by AACSB, the Foster College offers exceptional teaching, small class size, and requires all students to participate in experiential learning. Our students boast a 94% career outcome, and over 70% secure at least one internship working for small start up firms and the Fortune 500.

Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts

The Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts offers outstanding regional, national, and international programs in art, communication, interactive media, music, and theatre arts. The programs are unified by their focus on imagination, creativity, and communication.

The Slane College is located predominantly in the Caterpillar Global Communications Center, which was dedicated in 1996.

College of Education and Health Sciences

Bradley University's College of Education and Health Sciences develops leaders in the human service professions, including education, counseling, nursing, family and consumer sciences, health sciences, physical therapy and administration.

Fully accredited, the College of Education and Health Sciences boasts one of the highest job and graduate school placement rates on campus at nearly 100 percent for the past few years.

Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology

Located primarily in Jobst Hall, the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology has received nationwide recognition and accolades for providing sound technical background and practical cross-disciplinary experience.  The college contains approximately 800 of Bradley’s 5,000 undergraduate students.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School at Bradley University allows students to continue their education by pursuing one of 36 respected post-bachelor’s degrees, which include programs from each of the University’s five colleges.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides students with the central disciplines of a university education: the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematical and computational sciences.

Programs in the College lead to degrees with specialization in over 20 areas of study. Students may pursue the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science.  The College also provides pre-professional programs interested in the health professions or law.