Illinois SBDC International Trade Center

Since 1989, the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University has helped hundreds of Illinois companies take advantage of the potential of the international marketplace. The ITC expanded in 1994 to include specialized assistance to ensure exporters obtain the benefits associated with Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), including NAFTA. We help manufacturing and service companies make the right move at the right time. Working together, more than 500 companies have expanded their export sales by more than $400 million.

Our services include:

  • Assessing company readiness to export
  • Identifying potential export markets
  • Identifying potential foreign buyers
  • Assisting with foreign market entry
  • International business planning
  • Export document training
  • Trade-lead matching from U.S. Embassies
  • Education and networking forums
  • Executive courses in international business
  • Export finance options
  • In-house training

For more information on the ITC, call (309) 677-3075 or e-mail us.

International Trade Resources

Export Guides

Small Business Administration- Export Business Planner- A comprehensive guide to building an export plan for your business. Export Guides- A resource provided by which includes a step-by-step process on how to export, and information on how to know if your business is export ready.

Bureau of Industry and Security- Export Compliance Guidelines- Provides a detailed report on the guidelines and regulations surrounding international trade and the implications for your business. Export Counseling Resources- Provides resources for businesses to contact professional export consultants.  Also includes information on how to tell if your business is ready to export.

Business This resource is provided by and contains an excellent questionnaire to assess whether your business is export ready. The results of the assessment also contain great learning resources in areas your knowledge may be lacking.  

Export Insurance and Financing

Export-Import Bank of the United States-  Explains the importance and financial security provided by export insurance as well as how to obtain insurance through the EXIM Bank.  Additional resources provide information on how to finance international trade for your business.

United States Harmonized Tariff Schedule Guide

Guide to the HTSUS- A detailed training guide to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.  This guide will explain harmonized codes, their purpose, and how to classify goods as harmonized codes.

International Trade Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau- Guide to Foreign Trade Statistics- A brief overview of the history, importance, and uses of foreign trade statistics for U.S. businesses.

U.S. Census Bureau- USA Trade Online- An up-to-date database tool to access and utilize U.S. import and export data for your business.  Data is classified by the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, Port-level Data, State-level data, or the NAICS codes.

UN Comtrade Database- A resource provided by the United Nations which contains import and export data for individual countries and their partners. The trade data is classified by the international harmonized code system and is available at the 6-digit level.

Datamyne- Datamyne is a trade statistic and marketing database that provides insights on many trading partners for the U.S. around the globe, as well as, market conditions in those countries and regions.

Observatory of Economic Complexity- This is a visualized breakdown of trade statistics, industries, and market conditions provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Atlas Media website.

Country and Industry Research Market Intelligence- Learn about international markets, your product's potential in that market, as well as the business practices performed in those markets.

Global Edge- Michigan State University- Provides market research insights on countries, industries, and products across the globe.

Euromonitor International- An excellent source for finding statistical data, analysis, and reports on countries and industries across the globe.

World Bank- The World Bank's Open Data site provides marketing information on foreign countries, as well as, information on market indicators for those countries.

CIA World Factbook- The CIA World Factbook provides informational reports of all U.S. recognized countries.  The reports include country facts on their people and society, their economy, some general information on the country as a whole and more. 


International Company Information

Kompass- An international data resource company which provides information on international companies.  It is an excellent resource for finding potential international partners, suppliers and even competitors.  Kompass also provides international promotion and data services for businesses.

Euromonitor International- Company Profiles- Euromonitor company profiles provides analysis on the world's largest companies.  The profiles include facts, history, and a SWOT analysis which will help your business determine its ability to compete and find partners internationally.

Avention-  Provides reports for sales preparation information, marketing contacts, competition, and financial reports for a given company.

Global Edge- Market Conditions- Shows the market conditions for industries and countries around the globe and their implications for businesses. Gold Key Service-'s Gold Key Service is a paid service that finds potential partners, agents, and distributors in oversea markets.  Pricing is $700 for a small business and $2,300 for a large business.  

Additional Trade Resources

International Trade Shows- TradeFairDates- An excellent online resource which provides information on trade shows around the globe.  Trade shows can be searched by city, industry or supplier.

Business Trade Events- Provided by, this site also finds trade events that relate to your industry and location.  Trade events are useful to see both potential partners or competitors abroad.  

Language Translation Services- An online website provided by Consumer Affairs which ranks and offers translation services from companies based on translation needs.

U.S. For those who know what market they would potentially like to enter, this site provides an embassy search engine by country. U.S. Embassy's Foreign Commercial Services can be very helpful in contacting foreign partners, distributors, agents, or finding foreign customers local to that embassy.

Illinois-ISTEP- Illinois State Trade Export Promotion program (ISTEP) is a grant initiative provided by states to encourage exports.  It provides small businesses who are eligible, the capital necessary to finance overseas expansion.  

Global is a market intelligence resource that gives information on the overall economic conditions of a country, some snap-shot industry articles, as well as a search engine to find international distributors and agents.