Majors and Minors Fair

Since 1999, the Majors & Minors Fair has provided students with the opportunity to gather information about every academic major and minor offered at the University. Faculty and junior or senior students in each department meet with interested students in that major or minor to share different perspectives on the major at Bradley and career options in the Peoria community and beyond.

Over 430 students and 70 faculty members attended the 2016 Academic Majors & Minors Fair - our largest event in 17 years!

Outside of the Majors & Minors Fair, faculty and staff across campus are eager to meet with you to help you learn more about major and minor options to get the most out of your Bradley experience! 

  • To view a list of all majors and minors offered at Bradley, click here.
  • To locate contact information for various major and minor departments, click here.