Mathematics is often called the "Queen of the Sciences" because it is fundamental to the understanding all scientific endeavors. These days mathematics is basic to almost everything necessary in our world. How could finance, economics, encryption, electronic communication, and even sports exist without that common thread of mathematics?  The department faculty members are keenly interested in helping students fulfill their mathematical potential. The department hosts frequent colloquium talks by faculty, visitors and students. In addition, students themselves present papers and participate in mathematics competitions at local and regional professional meetings.  

The mathematics program at Bradley University prepares students for life after graduation. Different programs within the department include actuarial science, mathematics for secondary school teachers, and the classic mathematics major. In each of these programs, students receive both depth and breadth of learning experiences. The mathematics major, for example, is capped by a senior project on a topic selected by the student and guided by one of the faculty members in the department. Mathematics is one of the oldest disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences; students are provided the broad training needed to adapt to a variety of opportunities after their undergraduate studies. Recent graduates from our programs have gone on to a variety of positions; you find Bradley graduates working for insurance companies, software companies,  business consulting firms, attending graduate school in mathematics, statistics, and related areas, and as teachers in high schools and colleges.


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