Women’s & Gender Studies Program

Women’s and Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which takes gender as its central category of analysis. It focuses on the social construction of gender identity, gender relations, and gender systems, and explores the intersections of gender with other categories of identity.  The primary objectives of women’s and gender studies are: 

  1. to integrate knowledge about women and gender into the scholarship of various disciplines and professions across the university by promoting student engagement with feminist discourses and practices;
  2. to understand that gender is foundational to the functioning of social, cultural, economic, and aesthetic systems;
  3. to understand that gender always intersects with multiple and complex categories of identity, including race, ethnicity, class, sexuality,  and nationality;
  4. to understand representations and realities of gender in local, national,  and global contexts;
  5. to promote social justice and gender equality by creating connections between the classroom and the community. 

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